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What Does a Service Include?

We will provide a FREE Full Service on any Locks and Hinges. We will also provide new Trims and/or Sealant (pointing) where required and ensure they are fully functional and protected.

Why Get a Service?

UPVC Windows, Doors, Conservatory, Gutters and Fascia’s are designed to be long lasting and reliable, but they eventually wear out and become dirty and grimey over time.

Most UPVC products currently on the market contain a variety of moving components such as springs, hinges, internal levers and so on. Of course, the time will come when these components will need repairing.

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UPVC Window, Door & Conservatory Cleaning Services | Clean & Restore UPVC

UPVC Cleaning

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Highly Rated UPVC Window Door & Conservatory Cleaning and Repair | Clean & Restore UPVC

Highly Rated


Let us Restore your UPVC Windows, Doors, Conservatory, Gutters and Fascia’s and return them to their former glory!

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Clean & Restore UPVC can fix all issues with your windows, doors, conservatory, double glazing, glass units and many more UPVC products. Our Professional UPVC cleaning service restores dirty or discoloured UPVC to its former glory using a range of professional solutions and solvents.

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UPVC Cleaning Services


UPVC Repair Services


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We proudly provide a FREE SERVICE to all UPVC Products when you book a cleaning service from us.


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We have extensive experience and UPVC window repairs are our speciality.

If there’s problem with your UPVC Window and Door why not give us a call instead of looking at potentially costly replacements? Chances are they can be repaired at a fraction of the price.

As experienced professionals in UPVC window repairs in Lancashire we know that in many cases replacement isn’t necessary, we take the steps to repair damaged or worn windows or doors.

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